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Together we can help end child abuse!

This website has been created by a survivor of sexual incest to provide resources for sharing, healing, educating, and raising awareness.  I am here to help you travel your personal path from surviving to thriving!  Thank you for visiting.

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SurvivingWithFaithTM  Where did the name originate?  What does it mean?

The Designing of OUR Ribbon!


If these questions set you pondering, please allow me to try to shed some light on the matter.  To begin, my name really is Faith and I am a survivor!  I have always considered myself to be a survivor - well, aside from those bouts of deepest depression, which is not what this particular soliloquy is about.

Okay, now that you know where the idea for the use of the name “Faith” originated, what does it mean?  Faith by definition stands for trust; loyalty; belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof; confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing; etc.  I believe you get the idea.

Now, how did I arrive at Surviving with Faith?  I believe it is fairly simple and straightforward.  I cannot tell you how many times in my life my name has been the subject of many puns/witticisms, nor can I tell you how many times I have thought of it as a daily reminder to have faith and that there is a purpose for my life (although for many years unrealized).

I now believe or “have faith” that beginning this journey is the path I was destined to take.  Surviving with faith can take on whatever meaning is best suited for you, whether that be your own beliefs or just the idea of surviving with me, Faith, and what I have done and continue to do to chase my rainbow of peace.

This ribbon has been designed with a lot of thought. The colors chosen were to symbolize the following:

Since dark blue signifies child abuse prevention and victim rights, and blue signifies education and freedom of speech, I felt a bold blue was a solid foundation, surrounded by white, which signifies child exploitation/ abuse, free speech, peace, and purity, while the yellow (as we all should know) is the general symbol for hope.

In summary, peace and purity is embracing education and prevention while embedded in hope and peace.

"Alone we are a whisper.  Together we are a roar!" ~Faith Reagan

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Raising public awareness and providing resources for survivors on their healing journey!